WhoomWhoom, Sa. 13.10.2012@Morlox

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Michael Placke (Exquisite Berlin)

Albee (Waterkant Souvenirs)

Kixen (Whoom Whoom)

K.P.Herz (Palast der Töne, Whoom Whoom)

Bastian Tryber (Whoom Whoom)

(Mehr Infos zu den Künstlern auf die Bilder klicken)

Wir freuen uns auf euch!!!


Fr. 15.06.2012 WHOOM WHOOM@Morlox Berlin

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Dieses Mal zu Gast:

Miss Sunshine (Monocline, FVF, Kroatien)

The Croatian Miss Sunshine is not only because of her appearance a dazzling personality in the world of techno. She is in deep love with electronic music, this passion evolved back in 1995 when she started to frequent the underground techno parties- this was the perfect place to be immersed to Balkan electronic music in its earliest forms. Her personal journey began with the radioshow Clubhopping which was back then the first on-air electronic music experience in the area, resultant where her residencies in several Clubs (Oxygene, Vega).

Since these times her musical career proceeded more and more- on festivals and several clubs throughout Europe you can listen to her sound. In 2007 she took the next step and started producing her own sound- soon she released her debut EP the morning after on Decoded Mini Records. Releases and Remixes on labels like Monocline, FVF, Tic Tac Toe, Lazerslut, Kopfmusik, Swap, Der Hut, FRONT and many more were following.

Peoples response to the music and life in this often so bizarre party scenes have inspired Sunshine throughout the time and brought her to her specific sound.During her sets she mesmerizes the audiences on the dance floor and therefore she loves it to visit the darkest and deepest corners of electronic music.

Miss Sunshine obtains a lot of respect among her fans, which carry her productions into the beatport-charts regularly. In addition to that artists like Laurent Garnier, Joey Beltram, Chris Fortler, Tim Xavier, Miro Pajic, Heron and many more belong to her supporters.

listen: http://soundcloud.com/miss_sunshine/public-051-miss-sunshine

Liefko (Afrilounge, Connaisseur Recordings)

As one third of the prolific Afrilounge Liefko is no stranger to House and Techno lovers.
With a Djing career spanning nearly 2 decades Liefko has become a master of his craft.
His rare gift to pick tunes that are not the obvious choices and the ability to combine the future with the past is a testament to his ability as a DJ.

His sets have a hypnotic timeless quality and are rooted in deep techno and house music.
His passion for all things electronic was ignited in the mid 80’s through bands like Depeche Mode and genre’s like Electronic Body Music (EBM) when the first techno and house records started to arrive from Detroit and Chicaco in the late 80’s and early 90’s he was hooked , this passion for electronic beats drives him to this day and you can hear that wealth of his musical background in his DJ sets.

As a producer Markus has an equally impressive track record as a member of Afrilounge he has released on labels such as Get Physical , Poker Flat and Connaisseur records.
His recent solo efforts on Akbal records have reached wide acclaim, and there are more collaborations as well as solo releases in the pipeline, 2011 is set to be a big year with more releases on well established labels.

Andi de Luxe (Dikso Records)


Makusu & Svenson (Ajnabeat Records)

Kixen (Whoom Whoom)

K.P.Herz (Palast der Töne, Whoom Whoom)

Bastian Tryber (Whoom Whoom)

Adam (Kintango)

Running Order next friday

00:00 – 02:00 Kiril Kixen Krafft
02:00 – 04:00 Andi de Luxe
04:00 – 06:00 Markus Liefko
06:00 – 08:00 Adam

01:00 – 03:00 K.P.Herz
03:00 – 06:00 Miss Sunshine
06:00 – 08:00 Bastian Tryber
08:00 – End Makusu & Svenson


Fr. 20.04.2012 WHOOM WHOOM@Morlox Berlin

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Mary Velo (Gynoid Audio, Coincidence Records, Lift Your Head Up)

Originally from Canada, Mary Velo moved to Berlin in 2007 where she got strongly influenced in the Deep House & Techno scene.

Produced with an edgy and catchy sound, Mary Velo’s tracks prove that she takes risks and pushes boundaries. In 2008, she started producing her own tracks and remixing others, which quickly generated great reviews, resulting in positive feedback and online exposure. Coming from a background of various music genres, her sound is usually unique and deep. Mary Velo’s discography includes collaborations with Conforce, Ground Loop & BCR Boys.

Her latest vinyl release “METHODS EP” on Coincidence Records, which includes a remix by Delsin wonderboy “Conforce”, has brought Mary Velo to the list of new upcoming techno talents. Her releases have gotten support from Luke Slater, DVS1, Marcel Fengler, Markus Suckut, Par Grindvik, & Danny Tenaglia, just to name a few.

Mary Velo has played alongside with leading DJs such as Tommy Four Seven, Agaric, youANDme, Hubble & Tiefschwarz just to name a few. She has DJ’d across Europe in highly respected clubs including Tresor, Berghain Kantine & Arena Club (Berlin, DE) and Nouveau Casino (Paris, FR).

Daniel Solar (Dikso, Einmaleins Musik, Ostwind Records)

Daniel Solar is one half of Dikso, the excellent edits imprint responsible for many a disco-rinsed dancefloor burner over the last year. The Hannover native is also one of Berlin’s emergent talents, a DJ, producer, label owner and A&R intent on bridging the gap between disco and dance music, while coaxing the techno-loving city’s tastes a little further off the beaten track.

As a child of the early 80s, Daniel was strongly influenced by synth pop and dance music, before rap and hip hop caught his imagination and inspired his first forays into production. Once he had finished school, Daniel became more and more and intrigued with house and techno, clubs and raves, and his studio style expanded to take in electro, techno, and deep house.

Daniel’s first release, the Hannover EP, emerged in 2005 and since then he has steadily notched up a number of quality releases. In 2006 Daniel hooked up with Mario Aureo, and together they hit upon a successfully skewed take on minimal house; the following year he went into the studio with Marc Poppcke and they developed the tech house stylings of Solar&Poppcke. As a solo act, in collaboration and as a remixer, Daniel has worked with labels such as Diynamic, Sleazy Beats, Nomorehits, Meerestief, Ostwind and Peppermint Jam.

In 2010 Daniel slowed the tempo and found his calling with the midtempo house and edits label Dikso, established together with Andi de Luxe. Daniel has released further well-received productions and remixes in this vein for Einmaleins, Keno Records and Kolour’s Undertones, and all the while he has been honing his DJ repertoire, bringing a lifetime of musical knowledge and appreciation to his tightly crafted sets.

Fumée Grise (OFF Recordings)

Fumee grise, ou en Anglais- grey smoke. A pseudonym that clearly shows what the grey one stands for: A melting of music into one entity, without becoming monotonous. Tones, with room to unfurl, that gently seep into every corner… He uses the most different types of house music without losing the connection to other styles or the dancefloor. Next to his work as a DJ he is manager of the berlin based label “OFF Recordings”. For the last month of 2011 he try to improve his production-skills and maybe 2012 we can hear some own stuff made by fumée grise.

allready played (a small selection): Watergate (Berlin), Salon – Zur wilden Renate (Berlin), Studio 80 (Amsterdam, NL), Queensday (Amsterdam, NL), Weekend (Berlin), Cookies (Berlin), Suicide Circus (Berlin), ://about blank (Berlin), Baby! (München), Sputnik 2.0 (Dresden), Rotterlin (Rotterdam, NL), Beach Party (Termoli, IT), Backup Festival 2011 (Weimar), Sonntags Open Air (Dresden), MAU Club (Rostock), Suzie (Schweinfurt), Spartacus (Potsdam)

Michael Placke (Exquisite Berlin)

Proeff (Pulsar Records,  Code2 Records, Bleepsequence, Three Apes)

proeff means proliferation effect

The term is described as follows: The proliferation effect refers to the way that whatever action we did before we will tend to repeat again and again. It will become a habit. So listen to electronic music more than one time in your life and you will never stop listening again. The idea to push the addiction on amazing soundsculputures started 2001 in Berlin. Since than he plays music on several areas like Golden Gate, RAW, VCF, ACUD, Stereo33, Morlox and Phb Club to mention a few.
His personal highlight was the amazing 3 days netaudiofestival 2009 at Maria Club. Proeff prefers to play netaudio-music. He also have had several releases on netlabels like Pulsar records, Miniatura records, Ideal Techno, Code2, PunktvorStrich and so on.

Kixen (Whoom Whoom)

K.P.Herz (Palast der Töne, Whoom Whoom)

Bastian Tryber (Whoom Whoom)

DeenA4 (Hope’s Matters)

More Informations on Facebook and Resident Advisor

Running Order for Friday


00:00 – 02:00 DeenA4
02:00 – 04:00 Fumée Grise
04:00 – 06:00 Daniel Solar
06:00 – 09:00 Kiril Kixen Krafft


01:00 – 03:00 Proeff
03:00 – 05:00 Klaus-Peter Herz aka K.P.Herz
05:00 – 07:00 Mary Velo
07:00 – 09:00 Michael Placke
09:00 – End    Bastian Tryber


Fr. 17.02.2012 WHOOM WHOOM@Morlox Berlin

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Ihr Kinder der Nacht,
wir haben euch wieder was mitgebracht.

So langsam sind wir alle im neuen Jahr angekommen
und da wird es mal wieder Zeit,
gemeinsam auf der Tanzfläche zu erscheinen
und sich ein wenig treiben zu lassen.

Die Augen schließen, die Musik spüren,
die Kälte vergessen, die Freude fühlen.


B.Foolish (ajnabeat records)
Melange Orange (ajnabeat records)
Makusu (ajnabeat records)
Bastian Tryber (whoomwhoom)
K.P.Herz (whoomwhoom)


Oaky & Jans3n (bambule berlin)
Jochen Discomeyer (bln.fn)
Andi de Luxe (dikso)
Kixen (whoomwhoom)


Andi de luxe (für Sound und mehr Infos einfach auf Bild klicken)

Oaky & Jans3n (für Sound und mehr Infos einfach auf Bild klicken)


Fr. 16.12.2011 WHOOMWHOOM@Morlox

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Ihr Kinder der Nacht, wir haben euch was mitbebracht.

Bevor eine Woche später der Weihnachtsman vor der Tür steht, alle in Vorfreude
auf die Geschenke um den Weihnachtsbaum tanzen und sich mit dem Weihnachts-
braten den Bauch vollschlagen, lassen wir euch nochmal die Wintermüdigkeit aus
den Knochen schütteln.

Und wie der Weihnachtsman schon sagte: Umso kälter es draussen ist,
desto heißer werden die Nächte.

///Erdbeer Raum///

Der Erdbeeraum steht ganz im Zeichen des wohligen, warmen Hauses.
Drei DJ Teams werden dafür sorgen, dass ihr in der Weihnachtszeit nicht
nur an “stille Nacht, heilige Nacht” denkt und sich eure Herzen nicht nur
in Erinnerung an “Last Chrismas” erwärmen werden.

///Tunnel Floor///

Im Tunnel drehen wir die BPM´s ein wenig höher,um zu zeigen, dass
(vor)weihnachtliche Besinnlichkeit keine Frage der Geschwindigkeit ist.
Nocheinmal richtig die Glieder zum zappeln bringen, nocheinmal richtig
die Winterkälte abschütteln.


Fr. 20.05.2011 – Herzklopfen@Morlox Berlin

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Noch dazu wird Schnappszahl-Geburtstag gefeiert ;-)


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